VB6 Essentials – wut?!

A while ago I inherited a bunch of VB6 code to fix and maintain. I decided to migrate to Python scripts over time but in the interim needed VB6 setup. Here is what I did to make the Visual Studio 6 IDE usable for my purposes.

Essential Tools and Options

It’s not installed until…

Enable Mouse Wheel Scroll


Install MZ Tools


IDE Options

  • Switch off Auto Syntax Check on the Editor tab.
  • Switch on Require Variable Declaration on the Editor tab.
  • Switch off Compile On Demand on the General tab.
  • Prompt to save changes when program starts, on the Environment tab.
  • Set Error Trapping to “Break on unhandled errors” on the General tab.
  • Install Consolas font.
  • Add IDE buttons for commenting-out and uncommenting source code to the toolbar

Install SmartIndenter


Maximise code window in IDE

The VB6 IDE doesn’t remember your preference for maximizing the code windows.
To start up with the VB6 code windows maximized, set this string registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Visual Basic\6.0]



vbAdvance is a Visual Basic Add-In that gives you access to advanced build features and many IDE convenience features.


CodeFixer 3.0

This is a VB6 Add-in. It’s purpose is to format, optimize and improve VB code. Many fixes are performed automatically and there are also many additional suggestions to improve your code.


Loads more ideas here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/664370/your-favorite-visual-basic-6-0-tools-and-tips

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