Reset root password on MySQL

Start MySQL server without user authentication and networking, this allows to connect without credentials from localhost only. Run using¬†the same user account the MySQL daemon runs under to avoid permission problems (probably, sounds reasonable doesn’t it?) Connect to MySQL with no credentials: Reload authentication: Change root password: MySQL 5.7.6 and later: MySQL 5.7.5 and earlier: … [Read more…]

VB6 Essentials – wut?!

A while ago I inherited a bunch of VB6 code to fix and maintain. I decided to migrate to Python scripts over time but in the interim needed VB6 setup. Here is what I did to make the Visual Studio 6 IDE usable for my purposes.

OS X AirDrop transfer speedup

To get the greatest speeds from AirDrop it is usually best to disconnect from the wireless network and take advantage of the peer-to-peer nature of AirDrop. This can be achieved by either deleting the network from Network Preferences, which is not convenient at all, or by using the airport utility.